Welcome to the website of Vissers Process Engineering (VPE)

VPE is a consultancy & engineering company offering support to a wide variarity of Oil & Gas Industry players.
VPE is specialized in separation technology for the oil & gas industry (Water Treatement, Oil & Gas Processing & Sand Separation).
VPE has a broad equipment know how on anything in between well and refinery: Oil process equipment, Water treatment equipment, Desanding equipment & Gas treatment equipment.

In depth technology experience in: Separators (horizontal/vertical, FWKO's, Gun Barrels), Scrubbers, Heater Treaters, Mechanical Treaters, Electrical Treaters, Dehydrators, Desalters, Slop Oil Treaters, Slop Water Treaters, MIGF's, HIGF's, VIGF's, CFU's, Hydrocyclones, Nutshell Filters/Oil Removal Filters, Desanding Technologies, SRU's, Multimedia Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Hydrate Inhibition Technologies (HIT)/MEG systems, Vapor Recovery Units, Molecular Sieves, TEG Systems, Pumps, Valves, Instrumentation, etc., etc.
Experience in both onshore and offshore facilities.

Please take a look around on this website to see in which fields VPE can provide support. If you would like to have more information, don't hesitate and please get in contact.