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VPE is specialized in separation technology for the oil & gas industry (Water Treatement, Oil & Gas Processing & Sand Separation).

VPE has a broad equipment know how on anything in between well and refinery:
Oil process equipment, Water treatment equipment, Desanding equipment & Gas treatment equipment.

In depth technology experience in:
Separators (horizontal/vertical, FWKO's, Gun Barrels), Scrubbers, Heater Treaters, Mechanical Treaters, Electrical Treaters, Dehydrators, Desalters, Slop Oil Treaters, Slop Water Treaters, MIGF's, HIGF's, VIGF's, CFU's, Hydrocyclones, Nutshell Filters/Oil Removal Filters, Desanding Technologies, SRU's, Multimedia Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Hydrate Inhibition Technologies (HIT)/MEG systems, Vapor Recovery Units, Molecular Sieves, TEG Systems, Pumps, Valves, Instrumentation, etc., etc.

Experience in both onshore and offshore facilities.

Fields in which VPE can be of services to you:
  • (Re-)design of process facilities
  • Revamping existing equipment to make it fit for purpose in new conditions
  • Start-up & commissioning of process equipment
  • Field optimization studies including fluid characterization studies at site
  • Process review studies
  • CFD/FEA/FIV Analysis
  • Control philosophy optimization
  • Equipment manufacturing
  • Programming
  • Research & Development