CURRICULUM VITAE Founder in great detail

Personal details

Name:Arno Vissers
Contact Address:Meerbosweg 9, 5469 PL, Erp, The Netherlands (NL)
Telephone:+31(0)628101451 (NL)
Date of birth:14th August 1981
Place of birth:Boekel (NL)

Work experience

Sep 2019 – NowVissers Process Engineering & Vissers Powertrain Engineering (VPE), Erp, NL,
Owner: Consultancy services and developing new technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry and Automotive Industry

Oct 2019 – May 2020Kranji Solutions PTE Ltd., Arnhem, NL,
Vissers Process Engineering Consulting Project: Lead Process Engineer & MySep PTE Ltd., Lead Process Engineer

Oct 2019 – May 2020MySep PTE Ltd., Arnhem, NL,
Vissers Process Engineering Consulting Project: Lead Process Engineer

Jan 2017 – Jul 2019National Oilwell Varco (NOV), Houston, TX, USA,
Director of Brownfield & Advanced Technologies: managing brownfield team and developing new technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry in South America, USA and Canada in relation to Brownfield Optimization Services;
(Fjords Processing taken over by NOV Dec 2016)
Sole Inventor on Patent application 16/293263: Fluid Treatment System
Publication SPE 200495 (Technical paper: Experimental Investigation of Bubble Size in Flotation: Effect of Salt, Coagulant, Temperture and Organic Compound)
Publication SPE 200474 (Technical paper: Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Backwash Flow in Nutshell Filter)

Jan 2016 – Dec 2016Fjords Processing, London, UK,
Director Services Centers Americas: structuring, managing and developing the services centers for the Oil and Gas Industry in South America, USA and Canada in relation to Aftermarket Sales, Trainings, Mechanical Services, Field and Optimization Services

Aug 2014 – Dec 2015FMC Technologies, Separation Systems BV, Houston, TX, USA,
Technical Sales Manager: Technical/Process Design Review, Proposals Review, Sales, Contract Review, Business Development of separation technology/equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry in Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, USA Shale industry, Supervision on Process Engineers and Process department

Sep 2012 – Jul 2014FMC Technologies, Separation Systems BV, Abu Dhabi, UAE,
Senior Technologist: Design, Proposals, Sales, Contracts, After sales support, Commissioning/Field/Site support, JIP's, Business Development, Analyzes and Development of separation technology/equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry Publication SPE 159280 ADIPEC 2012 (Technical paper)

May 2012 – Sep 2012FMC Technologies, Separation Systems BV, Abu Dhabi, UAE,
Senior Process & Sales Engineer: Design, Proposals, Sales, Contracts, After sales support, Commissioning/Field/Site support, Analyzes and Development of separation technology/equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry

May 2009 – May 2012FMC Technologies / CDS Separation Systems (CDS Engineering BV), Arnhem, NL,
Process, Sales & CFD Engineer: Design, Proposals, Sales, Contracts, After sales support, Commissioning/Field/Site support, Analyzes and Development of separation technology/equipment for the Oil and Gas Industry

Jan 2009 – Feb 2009Fistuca B.V., Amsterdam, NL,
Vissers Powertrain Engineering Project: R&D Combustion Cylce, Fluids Dynamics and Simulation department , 0-D In cylinder Combustion Cycle calculations using Matlab software for DC Pile Driver

Jan 2009 – Dec 2013Vissers Powertrain Engineering, Erp, NL,
Consulting company in Powertrain engineering: Combustion Engine Technology, Transmission Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and Control Development

Jan 2008 – Dec 2008Ricardo UK Ltd, Shoreham-by-Sea, UK,
Work placement: R&D Engine Design, Fluids Dynamics and Simulation department (FDS), In cylinder CFD calculations using Vectis and Wave software
Work placement: R&D, Control & Electronics department (C&E), Controller design for aftertreatment system including a Lean NOx Trap (LNT) using Matlab, Simulink and Stateflow software

Nov 2006 – Aug 2007Modesi, Eindhoven, NL,
Master Thesis: Computational Fluids Dynamics (CFD) analysis of JaqEngine (new internal combustion engine concept development) optimization of combustion chamber geometry and port geometry, supervised by Prof. dr. Philip de Goey, Dr. Ir. Bart Somers and Ir. Guido Adriaensen
Nominee Spykerprijs2006_2007 Award for best Master Thesis in Automotive Technology of the Netherlands
For the report click here

Feb – Aug 2006University of California, Davis (UCD), USA,
Internship at Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering (Hybrid Electric Vehicle Centre)(, Design and fabrication of Inline CVT into a Suburban 2000 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
Member of Team Fate (, competitors in the Challange X competition (, supervised by Prof. dr. Andrew A. Frank
For the report click here

Apr – Jun 2005University of Technology, Eindhoven (TU/e), NL
Internship at Combustion Technology Department, measurement of a differential heat flux of a Methane-Oxygen flame, supervised by Dr. K.R.A.M. Schreel and Ir. M.J. Remie
For the report click here

1997 – 2005Kuehne & Nagel, Veghel, NL,
Administrative staff member: Freight handling, chauffeur handling, international customer handling, stock handling
Logistic staff member: Fork-lift truck chauffeur

1998 – 2004Van Zutven Verwerkingsbedrijf B.V., Veghel, NL,
Operator, Fork-lift truck chauffeur at DMV Campina,

1992 – 1997P. Claassen, Erp, NL
Assistent staff member: agricultural/food farm


Sep 2007 – nowÉcole du Pétrole et des Moteurs, (IFP-School), Rueil-Malmaison, FR,
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Powertrain/Moteurs (Graduated Dec 2008)

  • Basics of internal combustion engines: (Teacher: Tom MA)
  • Practical introduction to the powertrain: (Teacher: Paul HENDRICKS 'GNFA') (summary: demanteling, rebuilding and assembling of an internal combustion engine)
  • Field trip United Kingdom: (visited companies: Perkins, Caterpillar, Stokes Forging, Cummings, IBC and Ricardo UK Ltd)
Teaching Unit 2:COMBUSTION
  • Fundamentals of combustion in the gaseous phase I: (Teacher: Edward BLUROCK 'Lund University')
  • Fundamentals of combustion in the gaseous phase II: (Teacher: Antonio PIRES DA CRUZ 'IFP')
  • Fundamentals of fluid dynamics: (Teacher: Nicolas AUFFRET 'Renault Trucks')
  • Combustion in spark ignition engines: (Teacher: Pierre LEDUC 'IFP')
  • Combustion in diesel engines: (Teacher: Yvon BEAUGE 'PSA')
  • Ignition and initiation of combustion: (Teachers: André AGNERAY, Xavier JAFFREZIC 'Renault')
  • HCCI: (Teachers: Jose V. PASTOR, Jose M. GARCIA 'UPVLC')
  • CAI and control of CAI engines: (Teacher: Pierre DURET 'ENSPM')
  • Thermodynamics in engines: (Teacher: Giel Wilhelmus RAMAEKERS 'TU Eindhoven')
  • 0-D simulation of an engine cycle: (Teacher: Giel Wilhelmus RAMAEKERS 'TU Eindhoven')
  • Advanced simulation techniques for engines: (Teacher: Amit BHAVE 'RES')
  • Advanced experimental techniques in engines: (Teacher: Christof SCHULZ 'UDE')

  • Technology of fixed components (engine block, engine head, etc) and foundry processes: (Teachers: Christophe HANCKE, Joseph REYMOND 'PSA')
  • Technology of the piston: (Teacher: Willem COELINGH 'Mahle')
  • Mechanics of reciprocating engines: (Teacher: Benjamin HINDSLEY 'PSA')
  • Technology of the crankshat and conrod bearing: (Teacher: Olivier FERLIN 'Volvo Powertrain')
  • 2-stroke engines: (Teacher: Pierre DURET 'ENSPM')
  • Basics of the Valve Train: (Teacher: Günter EISENHARDT 'INA/Scheafler')
  • Bearings for reciprocating engines: (Teacher: Jean-Louis LIGIER 'Renault')

  • Refining and Fuels: (Teachers: Xavier MONTAGNE, Nicolas JEULAND 'IFP')
  • Fuelling systems for LPG and NGV powertrains: (Teacher: Rik BAERT 'TU Eindhoven')
  • Application of fuel additives: (Teachers: Rinaldo CAPROTTI, Vincent DENECKER 'Infineum')
  • Diesel Fuel Injection System - cam driven technologies: (Teacher: Mr. P. DENIMAL 'Bosch')
  • Diesel Fuel Injection System - common rail: (Teacher: Mrs Anne-Gaël FAVENNEC 'IFP School')
  • Gasoline direct injection systems: (Teacher: Mr. B. CHAPUIS 'Siemens')
  • Gas exchange process: (Teacher: Mr. H. LAJAILY 'Renault')
  • Gas exchange process classwork - 1-D engine simulation: (Teacher: Mr. H. LAJAILY, Mr. GUTIERREZ 'Renault')(summary: using GT-Power)
  • Modelling Air and Fuel flow: (Teacher: Mr. J. SERRANO 'UPLVC')
  • Product development process of the intake system: (Teacher: Mr. MIGAUD 'Mann + Hummel')
  • Product development process of the exhaust system: (Teachers: Mr. PERROT, Mr. ZIEGELEYER 'Faurecia')
  • Modelling of EGR: (Teacher: Mr. WILLIAM 'Renault')
  • Modelling of fuel injection system: (Teacher: Mrs Anne-Gaël FAVENNEC 'IFP School')
  • Turbocharging technology and intake supercharging for engines: (Teacher: Mr. PETITJEAN 'Honeywell')
  • Variable Valve Actuation: (Teacher: Mr. Gaetano de PAOLA 'IFP School')

  • Life cycle assessment and Well-to-wheel analysis in the automotive sector: (Teacher: Heinz HASS 'Ford')
  • Atmospheric pollutants and its impact: (Teacher: Heinz HASS 'Ford')
  • Pollutants formation in Internal Combustion Engines and Emissions legislation world-wide: (Teacher: Gerhard RICKERT 'Englehard')
  • Aftertreatment systems, usage and performance evaluation: (Teacher: Egbert LOX 'Umicore')
  • Diesel Pariculate Filters: (Teachers: Marco Federico PIDRIA 'Fiat', Laurent ROCHER 'Rhodia')
  • Vehicle emissions laboratory equipment: (Teacher: Nicole FRASER 'Johnson Matthey')
  • Thermal Management requirements: (Teacher: Mr. ZIDAT 'Delphi Luxemburg')
  • Canning technologies - Catalytic Converter Canning: (Teacher: Mme C. GUYARD 'Faurecia')
  • Ceramic substrates used in automotive aftertreatment: (Teachers: J. KOHLI, Mr. BOGER 'Corning')
  • Metallic substrates used in automotive aftertreatment: (Teacher: F. JAYAT, Mr. BRUECK 'EMITEC')

  • Performance, classification and constitution of engine oils: (Teacher: Ludivine PIDOL 'IFP')
  • Engine lubrication circuits: (Teacher: Pierre DAVERAT 'TOTAL')
  • Analysis of oils in service: (Teacher: Robert JANSSENS 'ANAC')
  • Filtration of engine fluids: (Teacher: Mr. GUICHAOUA 'Fischguard')
  • Thermomechanics of the cylinder head and exhaust manifold: (Teacher: Mr. MORIN 'Renault')

  • Overview and function of transmission systems, engine-transmission matching: (Teacher: Mr. A. BRIEC 'Renault')
  • Manual Transmissions technologies: (Teacher: Mr. A. BRIEC 'Renault')
  • Automatic and innovative transmissions technologies: (Teacher: Mr. R. HULIN 'PSA')
  • Continuosly variable transmission: (Teacher: Mr. TAKEMOTO 'Jatco')
  • Micro to Mild hybrid components: (Teacher: Mr. ARMIROLI 'Valeo')
  • Hybrid drive train: (Teacher: Mr. Pascal REVERAULT 'Ricardo')
  • Energy storage systems, electric traction and generation machines: (Teacher: Mr. V. RAVELLO 'FIAT Powertrain Technologies')
  • Laboratory exercises transmission: (Teacher: Mr. Paul HENDRICKX 'GNFA')

  • Introduction to engine testing and interpretation of experimental results: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Introduction to laboratory exercises on the engine test benches: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - SI engine: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - Diesel engine: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - Chassis dynamometer: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - SI/Diesel fundamentals: ('Lycée Monge, Savigny sur Orge')
  • Laboratory exercises - Ignition bench: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - Injection bench: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Laboratory exercises - Flow bench: (Teacher: Bruno WALTER 'IFP')
  • Endurance testing, basic engine test: (Teacher: Mr. ARPIN 'D2T')
  • Design of Experimental data analysis (DOE): (Teacher: Mr. TOURBIER 'Renault')

  • Control prerequisites: (Teacher: Mr. L. GUZZELLA 'ETH')
  • Control electronics for powertrain: (Teacher: Mr. C. ROTH 'Delphi')
  • Fundamentals of powertrain torque control: (Teacher: Mr. LEUZ 'Bosch')
  • Basics of spark ignition engine control: (Teacher: Mr. L. ERIKSSON 'UDE')
  • Basics of compression ignition engine control: (Teacher: Mr. LEUZ 'Bosch')
  • Advanced engine controls: (Teachers: Mr. MOULIN, Mr. GRONDIN 'IFP')
  • Advanced after-treatment controls: (Teachers: Mr. WASCHECK 'IAV', Mr. CREFF 'IFP')
  • Advanced powertrain controls: (Teacher: Mr. P. TONA 'IFP')
  • Hybrid stop-and-start control: (Teacher: Mr. CHRISTEN 'Ford')
  • Hybrid energy management: (Teacher: Mr. A. SCIARRETTA 'IFP')
  • Control prototyping: (Teacher: Mr. LE SOLLIEC 'IFP')
  • On-board diagnostics: (Teacher: Mr. B. FUSSHOELLER 'Delphi')
  • Spark ignition engine management: (Teachers: Mrs. PICRON, Mr. BOUTROT 'Valeo')
  • Control law development with MATLAB: (Teachers: Mr. YOUSSEF, Mr. CHASSE 'IFP')
  • Powertrain dynamic calibration (AMESim): (Teacher: Mr. LAFOSSAS 'IFP')

  • Longitudinal vehicle dynamics, Engine-Transmission matching, Powertrain performance and fuel consumption: (Teacher: Mr. B. HINDSLEY 'PSA')
  • Predictive calculations of vehicle performances and fuel consumption: (Teachers: Mr. MIRANDA, Mrs. VILLOSLADA 'PSA')
  • Antivibration technologies: (Teacher: Mr. GAVRIC 'PSA')
  • Automotive acoustics and engine noise: (Teacher: Mr. GAVRIC 'PSA')
  • Heavy duty diesel engines - combustion and emission control: (Teacher: Mr. LOMBARS 'Valeo Powertrain')
  • Vehicle functions impacting on the engine (ABS, ESP, steering assist, piloted suspension: (Teacher: Mr. Paul HENDRICKX 'GNFA')
  • External cooling circuit: (Teacher: Mr. AP 'Valeo Thermique')
  • Final Project: (Teacher: Mr. A. SCIARRETTA 'FIAT Powertrain Technologies')(summary: developing a hybrid vehicle configuration with transmission matching and design a control system for it)

  • Basics of economics: (Teacher: Mr. PIERRU 'IFP Training')
  • Economics of the petroleum industry: (Teacher: Mr. S. SAULNIER 'IFP Training')
  • Overview of the international automotive market: (Teacher: Mr. KEMNITZ 'Ducker')
  • The Chinese automotive and powertrain industry and its domestic market: (Teacher: Mr. NI 'Sinautec')
  • Trends in vehicle/transmission/engine/fuel matching considering 'global' markets, 'local'constraints and customer expectations: (Teacher: Mr. MEYER 'BMW')
  • Overview of the fuels qualities, regulations and standards in France, in Europe and worldwide: (Teacher: Mr. CAHILL 'PSA')
  • Project management delivering new products on time at targeted quality and costs: (Teacher: Mr. ESCHALIER 'Delphi')
  • Automotive supply chain - OEM, Tier 1/2 suppliers, management of the relationships - OEMs and Suppliers relationships, Innovation and R&D: (Teacher: Mr. SEGA 'Valeo')
  • Automotive supply chain - OEM, Tier 1/2 suppliers, management of the relationships - OEMs and Suppliers relationships, Industrialisation, Supply Chain and Logistics: (Teacher: Mr. MARQUET 'Valeo')
  • Intercultural management: (Teacher: Mrs. PRIME 'ESCP-EAP')

Sep 2000 – Aug 2007University of Technology, Eindhoven (TU/e), NL,
Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive Engineering Science, (ICE) (Graduated Sep 2007)

Courses Master Program:
  • Mechanics of micro-electronics
  • Micro- and nano-structuring methods
  • Vehicle safety
  • Autotrends; long-term developments in automotive
  • Modern engine technology
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Fundamentals of the internal combustion engine
  • Physics and measurement methods
  • Vehicle drive trains
  • Modelling of physical phenomena
  • Fundamentals of systematic low noise design
  • Intern internship: See Work experience, TU/e
  • Second internship (International): See Work experience, UCD
  • Final project: See Work experience, Modesi, Master Thesis
Courses Bachelor Program:
  • Multivariable analysis
  • Calculus
  • Linear algebra
  • Mechanics
  • Dynamics
  • System analysis
  • Material models
  • An introduction to mechanical engineering
  • Introduction to heat and flow
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Introduction to mechanical metrology
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Design oriented learning W-1.1:
    • Project 1: Windscreen wiper design
    • Project 2: Constructional design
    • Project 3: Coach work design
    • Project 4: Pipe system design
  • Design oriented learning W-1.2:
    • Project 1: Temperature measurement
    • Project 2: Shaving head design
    • Project 3: Trestle design
    • Project 4: Jack stand design
  • Design oriented learning W-1.3:
    • Project 1: Production system design
    • Project 2: NC-program design (milling-program)
    • Project 3: Model design for dynamical system
    • Project 4: Concept study for alternative energy source in automotive application
  • Physical transport phenomena
  • Applied elasticity in engineering
  • Mechanical vibrations
  • Materials science
  • Control engineering
  • Finite element method
  • Engineering thermodynamics
  • Fundamentals of mechanical component design
  • Installations in process industry
  • Analysis of manufacturing systems
  • Continuum mechanics for advanced
  • Design principles
  • Design oriented learning W-2.1:
    • Project 1: Central heating system design
    • Project 2: Propeller design, fabrication and measurement
  • Design oriented learning W-2.2:
    • Project 1: Sport shoe measurement
    • Project 2: Controller design
  • Design oriented learning W-2.3:
    • Project 1: Hydro-transformation
    • Project 2: Plant design (CHI)
  • Technology assessment
  • Numerical methods
  • Statistics
  • Control of multivariable systems
  • Heat transfer
  • Polymer processing
  • Orientation in automotive technology
  • Technology for sustainable development
  • Chemistry and transport in energy conversion
  • Applications of design principles
  • Of rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing (Project)
  • Injection molding of plastic moulds for disposable (Project)
  • Development of an engine testbed (Project: Formula Student Team, University Racingteam Eindhoven (URE)
  • Foreign excursion: See Other activities, Study Trip Japan (Project)
  • Cost of ownership (Project)
  • Professional perspectives (Project)
  • Manufacturing Machine Tools (Project)
  • Orientation micro and nano technology (Project)

1999 – 2000Zwijsencollege, Veghel, NL
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Economics I and II
  • Biology
  • English
  • Dutch

1993 – 1999Fioretti College, Veghel, NL

Other activities

Jan 2004Foundation Activities Simon Stevin, Eindhoven, NL
Study Trip Japan, theme Micro- & Nano Technology (Student society)
6 – 7 May 2003Corus, IJmuiden, NL
Business Course, Corus By Night
Feb 2003 – Aug 2007Tau, Eindhoven, NL
Rhetorical Dispute/Fraternity: debating, delegate engine maintenance
Dec 2002 – Dec 2004W.S.V. Simon Stevin, Eindhoven (TU/e), NL
Member Dutch Battlebots Committee: design and fabrication combat robot (Student society)
Oct 2002 – Mar 2003W.S.V. Simon Stevin, Eindhoven (TU/e), NL
Public Relations Officer, Management Training Days Committee: PR and sponsor recruitment (Student society)
24 Apr 1999E.S.H.C. music festival, Erp, NL, (youth centre)
Organizer music festival


LanguageDutch (native); English (good, TOEIC: 970 (out of 990)); German (basic)
Certificates2- & 3-phase separation, horizonatal and vertical separators, FPSO's (FMC)
DesignModeler, Meshing and Fluent (ANSYS)
Basic and continued turning and milling (TU/e)
MIG-MAG and TIG welding (ROC)
Industrial safety (Dutch VCA)
Driver’s LicenseCar + Motor driver’s license
Fork-lift truck certificate
Software knowledgeCAD/CAM: UGS NX3, Solidworks, FreeCAD
FEM: MarcMentat, ANSYS
CFD: OpenFOAM, Vectis, Wave, GT-Power, Fluent, Gambit
Hysys, Unisim, MySep, Matlab, Simulink, LaTeX


SportSnowboarding, sailing, rescue-teamswimmer
OtherMotorcycling, Old Timer restoration

ReferencesAvailable at request

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